Online coaching is a great option for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Your coach will create a customized plan to suit your preferences, needs, goals and available equipment. 

There's no downside to online coaching - my online clients have seen comparable results to my face-to-face clients, and at a fraction of the cost!

We'll discuss your goals and you'll provide me your weekly schedule (via email, or phone).  I'll provide you with your exercise program weekly through the website/app called Training Peaks. 

How does online personal fitness coaching work?

You can access training peaks app through your computer or smart phone. Most clients use their smart phone during their training sessions. This allows you to refer to the program in real time, and also provide me instant feedback. 

This will be a key part of our relationship, as it allows for two way feedback and instant access to your previous workouts for comparative information. All rights reserved.

Why should you choose me? 

Online Personal Fitness Coaching

I believe that fitness should build you up and not bring you down. I will work hard, to set you up for success. Getting up off the couch for the first time and running a marathon is not realistic. Together we will assess your current level and help build you up.


I am particularly excited about helping beginners reach their fitness goals. In order to build lasting success and lifestyle changes, you need to start at your current fitness level and build up slowly. I will make sure your workouts are appropriate for your CURRENT fitness levels.


Your feedback will be an important tool i use, to ensure that we build your fitness level at an appropriate speed. Let me build you up, not break you down, to reach your goals.

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I work with a limited number of clients to ensure I can provide the best service. If you're ready to get started and become the best version of yourself; apply to work with me.

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Helping people reach their fitness goals is my passion.  I will help you become the best version of yourself. Let me provide the plan to help you crush your goals.

Stephanie Xamin, Personal Trainer